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Monday, April 14, 2008

Juan & Kelly Birthday Cake

One day, after I posted barbie cake I made for Ruth, some one from New Zealand emailed me saying that she wanted me to make the same barbie cake for her niece in Jakarta. Later on, Nina ordered 2 birthday cakes for Juan and Kelly, her nephew and niece whose birthday is today, April 14th.

Juan's birthday cake

24cm square of chocolate devil cake decorated whipped cream and chocolate ganache. Theme : Juan & Naruto.

It's pretty tricky using whipped cream for decoration. I even forgot to cover the edible image with white chocolate to make it able to store in the refrigerator. So after finishing the decoration for Juan's birthday cake, I keep Juan's cake in my kids' bedroom which is airconditioned to keep the whipped cream stable and not melted because of the high humidity.

Kelly's birthday cake

A barbie cake with color theme pink and white. I couldn't make exactly the same barbie cake as I made for Ruth. I didn't know why...I just couldn't....I decided to change some designs and did a different hair do also for the barbie. I hope Nina won't mind with it.

My biggest mistake was I didn't realized that the cake plate I bought was too small to put the barbie cake together with Kelly's cup cakes. So on delivery I put a note that actually the cup cakes go together with the barbie cake on display.

Nina, thank you very much for your believe in me...I hope those birthday cakes will brighten Juan & Kelly's day.

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rere said...

waw....fantastic barbie cake....
someday maybe i need assistancy when decorating a barbie cake.

would you please help me? thanks alot