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Sunday, April 13, 2008

G & R Love Cup Cakes

There was G who contacted me thru email at first, asking about my cup cakes. After a few discussion via email, then she ordered 2 dozens of love cup cakes to celebrate her 1st dating anniversary with her boyfriend, R, on last Sunday.

1 dozen of chocolate cup cakes, decorated with butter cream and chocolate topping with G & R initial.

And another one dozen of vanilla cup cakes with a simple and neat decoration using plastic icing and red cheries :-)

The vanilla cup cakes came with 3 soft colors, pink, soft yellow and white....very sweet combination :-)

For me, G is a very romantic person....and that really touches my heart....therefore I made these cup cakes with all my heart also *wink*

I wish the best for G & R, hope you both will be happy ever after.

Here is a text message I received from G on Sunday afternoon (sorry part of the text message is in bahasa) :

"Hi mbak, cup cakes nya udah aku terima, taste good and looking cute, thanks ya. Til next time"

You are the most welcome, G....my best regard to R :-)


cindy said...

imut mbak! bikin plastic icingnya gemana caranya kok bisa pas sama papercup nya ya?

Joris' Kitchen said...

Hai Cindy,

thanks a lot ya....untuk design plastic icingnya aku potong pake cetakan mini pie hehehehehe...kebetulan cetakan mini pie ku sama besar dengan diameter cup cakes yang aku pake :-)