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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cup Cakes for Rosi

This order comes from Rosi, my colleague who was impressed with cup cakes I made for Nadia. Firstly, Rosi asked me to decorate the cup cakes with animal themes as she wanted to share the cup cakes with her niece but then she changed her mind, she said no special theme for the cup cakes decoration, up to me.

When some one said "up to you" it can be good but it also can be worst. The worst thing was I just had no idea at all for the decoration. I have done blog walking these very recent days but stil the result was zero last night. For an hour I was just sit down on the floor did nothing, playing with the butter cream, tasted it, playing again until a mosquito bit me then I realized it's already 11 pm!!

I really wanted to make a nice swirl using Wilton 1M so the swirl will come out like a nice rose but I don't have Wilton 1M. When I looked at my stuff I found one tip that looks like something that can help me to do such thing like Wilton 1M. Well, I bought the tip in traditional market and it only cost Rp 1,000 so it doesn't work as good as the Wilton one, at least I will have a good excuse :-)

It's fun using this fake tip hehehehehe...and in 45 minutes finally I have done all decoratings. I made a set of purple roses from swirl and another set of fruity decoration for Rosi, what a fun night .


Vania said...

Dewi, apa kbr?
Cupcakes-nya lucu2 deh Wi...

Joris' Kitchen said...

Hai Mbak Vania?...kabar baik sekali...thanks a lot ya...
Udah settled di Jakarta kah sekarang?