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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wedding cupcakes for Tabitha & Pontas

My first creation of wedding cupcakes for Tabitha and Pontas' wedding on August 15th.

I have never met Tabitha until her wedding day. Tabitha knows me from Jones, Jeffry's best friend and since then we communicated intensively thru YM, emails and some phone calls.

So glad that I could have done this!

As Tabitha and Pontas are batakneese they wanted to have batak' symbol on their wedding cake. Gorga house cake was chosen to the cake for the top of the tier. As I couldn't make it by myself, I have asked mbak Nina to help me to make it. It's amazing to know that Mbak Nina could make such a beautiful Gorga house cake for Tabitha and Pontas. Too bad there was an accident due to the humidity that made the Gorga house wasn't perfect anymore. Last minute before the wedding hour, I made another dummy cake for the top tier just in case the Gorga House couldn't stand with the high humidity of Jakarta.

There were 125 cupcakes in total in different 6 flavors: chocolate, vanilla, pandan, strawberry, mocha and lemon.

I decorated the cupcakes with butter cream and fondant.

May thanks to Tabitha and Pontas for giving me this great opportunity. Big thanks to family for their full support for this great project also to mbak Yuli (the queen of Cupcakes - Cupcakes Heaven), mbak Nina (buahjeruk.blogspot.com), mbak Fatmah Bahalwan (NCC Founder), Cindy, Jurike and Vicka. Thank you and thank you soo much! God bless you all!


Snooky doodle said...

wow I just discovered your site and your cakes are awesome !

Joris' Kitchen said...

Thank you Natalie :-)