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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Steamed Brownies (Brownis Kukus)

Steamed Brownie was a starter in my baking world. I remember 2 years ago when my soul was soo thirsty of being back to baking but the condition was I don't have any oven yet. Then I was introduced by a best friend about steamed brownie. Good thing is as an Indonesian every one has traditional steamer aka "Dandang." Well, just give it a try then. I tried making steamed brownie many times until finally I got the right taste and texture. I also modified the original recipe to something that comes out a bit different and it was just wonderful because right now my Pandan Cheese steamed brownie become a favorite one.
I also got a great support to continue being serious in learning more about steamed cake by my dearest friend that I consider as my dearly sister, Uwi Yuli, that gave me a book of steamed brownies recipe with its modification as my birthday gift.
Last week, I made some steamed brownie for a dear friend, Peppy. She wanted to taste my steamed brownies before deciding to order more. I am glad that my steamed brownies satisfied her, and she came out with more orders.

Here are her orders :

2 packs chocolate steamed brownies

2 pack Pandan Cheese steamed brownies

18 cups Pandan Cheese steamed brownis

Even though now I already have my oven and doing more bakings, I would never forget do keep receiving steamed brownies orders because Joris' Kitchen is started by Steamed Brownie :-)

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